Leticia Tiana Bailey

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1989. I was raised and educated in Cape Town. Growing up in a very poor community I always wanted to become a doctor. When I finished school in 2006 my parents did not have money for me to study further.

I worked at a packaging company for 8 months, knowing that this will never be my final destination.
An opportunity came my way to study tourism for 3 months in Rome, Italy.

I came back to Cape Town in December 2007 and could not find a job in tourism. I eventually ended up as a cashier at Ackermans. I worked there for 8 months. After Ackermans I got a job as a hostess / cabin attendant on the Greyhound Bus service. I worked there for 5 years. The Greyhound is a luxury bus service that travels all over South Africa.

After my contract ended in 2014, I sold funeral policies. After two years I realised that selling funeral policies is not for me. I resigned not knowing what I will do next.

After being unemployed for 2 months, I got a job as a marketer at a small tour company. The tour operator told me to accompany him on a tour to see what happens on the road, so that I will be able to sell the tours better. On this tour is where I’ve realised my passion to become a tour guide.

Afterwards I did a Tour Guide Course and worked for Hilton Ross for a year.

In 2017 I started The Glorious Cape Tours.

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